L A County Sheriff’s Dept. Headquarters:

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you great success with your book. I am sure you know
that police work can take a toll on the men and women that serve the public, often seeing the
worst of humanity. The wit and insight recorded in your book is a much needed relief to the stress
encountered by peace officers everywhere. A good laugh always makes us feel better especially
when we laugh at ourselves. I am sure your stories will give the public a greater appreciation of the
humanity of the men and women that strive to protect them. Thank you for your book and best
wishes in your future endeavors.

Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Arizona:

Kudos to you and Claude for being able to publish your books based on incidents that occurred during your time in law enforcement. I’m sure it is enjoyed by not only fellow officers, but citizens alike. Good luck on your follow up book to be completed by 2010.

Joseph M. Arpaio, Sheriff
Harry D. Penny, Jr. spent almost 10 years of his 21-year law enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He spent most of his time in a patrol car from the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles to the sunny beaches of Malibu, and finally to the famous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. A Vietnam and Desert Shield/Desert Storm Veteran, he is also a retired U. S. Navy Chief Petty Officer. He is working on his next book and lives with his wife, Sharon, in Southern California.  
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   B E H I N D   T H E   B A D G E: The funny side of the  "Thin Blue Line"
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Review from Amazon.com:

By Joseph H. Race “Jose Mango” (SAIPAN, MP United States) Harry Penny and his colleagues have turned out a great record of what happens behind the scenes in law enforcement, and of course, sometimes right in front of the video cameras. There is pathos and sadness in police work, but there are many light moments, which serve as the catharsis to get you through the violence and tragedy committed against the victims by the two-legged criminal predators. I probably crossed paths with Harry, being a 45-year veteran of law enforcement, half of which I spent in Los Angeles, and can relate right on to the vignettes, and some of the characters.  My wife asked me several times “Why are you laughing out loud?”…and all I could say “Been there – done that!” Harry, superb job – I know my police buddies will enjoy and treasure this book. Being now retired, the book brought back some fond memories. Recommended reading and sharing!
By S. Huss:

I never stopped laughing. I was a Deputy Sheriff from 1968 to 1992 and even remember some of the people and incidents that Harry Penny immortalized. For the average person many of his stories evoke an immediate, “No way!” For those who have been there, however, the immediate response is, “How true!” There is enough tragedy and disappointment in everyday police work to provide the much talked about stress to give some officers life long emotional problems like PTSD. Being able to find things to laugh about provides a safety valve to lower that stress. Harry Penny has captured the funny side of law enforcement brilliantly!
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